Family & Carer Support

Family & Carer Support

Families and Carers may have experienced a crisis situation with a loved one, or may need some support in caring for a person for a period of time. It is very common for family members and Carers to suffer from stress and depression because of the demands of their support roles and because they are anxious about the health of a loved one. The Hobart Clinic encourages Carers to identify themselves to staff. If you are in need of an information packs available for Carers please inform staff who will arrange for information to be sent to you.

We run a Family Carer Support group on the first Tuesday of the month.

AugustĀ 2016 Carers Session

Visiting your Loved Ones

Family, Carers and friends are welcome to visit inpatients in our communal lounge or to go for a quiet stroll in theĀ gardens.

Visiting hours allow our residents to attend their therapy programs.

To respect the privacy of all patients we request that all visitors first present themselves to front reception, or on weekends to the Nurses Station, prior to proceeding to their family or friend.

Visiting hours are:

3-30pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday

10am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday

If you need to visit outside these hours, please contact Clinic staff on 6247 9960.