Alcohol & Drugs


Alcohol is an addictive substance:

  • Alcohol addiction is a recognised illness that can be treated;
  • Genetic factors may increase an individual’s risk of addiction;
  • Intoxication and depression can be a very dangerous combination and put the person at risk of serious self-harm.


Addiction to drugs can take a number of forms:

  • Excessive use of over the counter medications;
  • Over reliance on prescription medications, such as benzodiazepines or sleeping tablets;
  • Excessive marijuana use, that may be worsening depression or anxiety;
  • Addiction to drugs such as amphetamines or ecstasy.

Individual Consultations

Our approach is based on harm minimisation and offers individual treatment therapy and support.

Recovery Groups

Some people with an addiction may not require a hospital stay. Murray Street Clinic can be a good alternative. Group programs aim to change the patterns of behaviour and develop positive ways of coping with stress and cravings.

Click here for the Recovery Groups Timetable

Hospital Care

Our approach is based on harm minimisation and offers treatment, individual and group therapy in a supported environment to facilitate recovery.

Detox is the first part in recovery from any type of addiction. Detox can take one to two weeks in The Hobart Clinic. The specialist team will carefully monitor the person’s physical and mental health during withdrawal.

Post Hospital Care

Post Hospital Care is an important part of the recovery journey and the prevention of relapse. Group Therapy Programs are conducted at The Hobart Clinic and at Murray Street Clinic. They focus on:

  • Controlling cravings;
  • Managing stress;
  • Identifying triggers;
  • Developing positive ways to manage difficult situations.