Frequently Asked Questions

Initially you need to make an appointment to see your GP. If your GP feels you need to be admitted they need to supply you with a referral letter. Alternatively, they can fax the referral directly to The Hobart Clinic.  Once we have received the referral the Triage Nurse will make contact with you as soon as possible to make arrangements for admission. Alternatively, you do not need to wait for the Triage Nurse to contact you, you can call the clinic direct on 6247 9960.

If it is an emergency and The Hobart Clinic isn’t immediately able to offer admission please attend the Emergency Department of Royal Hobart Hospital or call an ambulance.

Make an appointment to see your general practitioner (GP). Talk to them about your concerns and how you think The Hobart Clinic might be helpful.

Yes. If you have private hospital cover, most health funds will pay the entire cost of our services (unless you have elected to have minimal benefits for mental health services).

Young adults up to age 25 are often covered by their family’s health insurance. You can find out from your health fund.

In order to ensure that you are aware of all costs prior to admission, the administration staff will request your health insurance details and run a check.  The results of this will then be conveyed to you.  Any out of pocket costs will be discussed with you.

Most stays are 2 or 3 weeks, based on individual needs. Our team will work with you until you are feeling well enough to return home.

We will arrange a physical health check with our Medical Officer and a mental health assessment with one of our Psychiatrists. Your team nurse will speak with you and orientate you to the Clinic and develop your treatment and recovery plan with you.

You will be seen by your Psychiatrist at least twice a week.  This may vary based on individual needs.

To see what therapy we offer, please go to the Our Services page.

Attending group therapy is part of your recovery program.  Your Psychiatrist will expect you to attend in addition to individual support and counselling that you will receive from nursing and allied health staff.

A typical program may include daily groups facilitated by nurses and other therapists. These groups are a mix of education, support, stress management techniques and relaxation.

Topics include assertiveness, goal setting, lifestyle modifications and problem solving; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (retraining your thinking); relaxation training and practise; and complementary therapies such as art and crafts

You will also have a Psychiatrist to look after any medication or medical therapies.

Ask your GP for a referral, then phone The Hobart Clinic on 6247 9960.

For as many weeks as you need to however some health funds do apply an annual limit on the number of days that you can attend.  Most funds will pay the full cost of our services. Contact your health fund for more details.

If you wish to discharge yourself or your loved one then you will be reviewed by your treating Psychiatrist.  If the Psychiatrist deems that you are safe to discharge and continue treatment in an outpatient capacity then the discharge will proceed.  If your Psychiatrist feels that you would be at risk or you would benefit from further treatment then this will be discussed with you. We are a voluntary facility.

As well as receiving medical treatment and participating in therapy sessions, a stay helps you to develop calming, healthy routines for yourself.

Our in-house chef makes tasty and nutritious meals. The benefit of a residential stay includes helping you settle into regular patterns of eating and sleeping.

You can see visitors if you feel well enough, go for a walk or sit outside in the gardens, read, watch TV/movies or enjoy some art/craft.

Family, carers and friends are welcome to visit inpatients in their rooms, in our communal lounge, or go for a quiet walk in the gardens. Visitors are limited to three visitors per patient.

Visiting hours allow our residents to attend their therapy programs. Visiting hours are:

  • 2.00pm – 6.00pm, Monday – Sunday

If you need to visit outside these hours, please contact Clinic staff on 6247 9960.

Yes. Firstly you will need to ask your GP to fax a referral to us. Once we have received the referral one of our administration staff will contact you and organise an appointment time.

Please review the Cancellation Brochure if you need to cancel your appointment.

Details are on our Contact page.