Quality & Safety Accreditation

The Hobart Clinic is committed to its mission of providing mental health services for patients, families and the community. Our well-developed governance systems, prompt and encourage continuous improvement ensuring that patient safety and quality are at the centre of every decision at all levels in the organisation. Our professional and experienced staff are focused on providing quality and safe care and have embraced all actions of the National Standards.

Over the past six months key patient safety and quality initiatives have been implemented, improved medication safety processes; systematic clinical handover; increased consumer attendance at multidisciplinary clinical review; a clear and comprehensive mandatory training and competency schedule; more visual use of quality data (for staff and consumers) and a comprehensive system for escalation of care.

Future quality plans include continued consumer, carer and community engagement at all levels and further refinement of quality reporting to maintain and improve patient safety and quality of outcomes.

The Hobart Clinic contributes data on a number of clinical indicators.

A Patients’ Journey

Probably the most important part of my recovery was to understand that it would take hard work and commitment from me to gain control of my life. I am grateful for The Hobart Clinic’s support on this journey. Like most people I wanted a quick fix to my feelings of emptiness, loss of touch with reality and depression. Alcohol and drugs seemed like the answer at that time.

The fact that we were over on the eastern shore away from town meant I had a complete break from ‘using’ and the temptations to fall back into old ways of coping.

I attend the therapy program at Murray Street Clinic each week which has helped me manage conflict and gain greater self-confidence.