Mind Hub Courses & Programs

Improve your wellbeing today. Make a decision to look after your mental health and get involved in one of our short courses or therapy groups. Joining one of our courses can help you develop techniques to manage stress, reduce reliance on alcohol and other drugs and improve your overall wellbeing.

The Hobart Clinic – Mind Hub is an accredited not-for-profit organisation. There are a number of Mind Hub courses & programs to choose from, delivered by trained and qualified staff, to support you in achieving better mental health and improved wellbeing.

Courses include evening groups through to 6-10 week more intensive programs, as well as ongoing recovery support.

Conditions of Entry – COVID-19

Please refer to our home page for updates in response to COVID-19.

Here are the current courses & programs on offer:

ACT for Depression and Anxiety

Begins 28 October 2021

This 8-week group program combines the concept of mindfulness of living in the present moment with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This involves developing acceptance of unwanted thoughts and feelings which are out of your control and increasing commitment and action towards living a valued life despite
these symptoms.

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Alcohol and Drug; Treatment and Recovery

The Alcohol and Drug treatment and recovery program is designed for those who experience problematic alcohol or drug use. The group aims to assist individuals to reduce the personal and social harm associated with substance use and addictive behaviour.

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Anxiety Management

The anxiety management group is a 8-week treatment program that teaches effective strategies for managing anxiety, particularly in social situations.

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Balancing Bipolar Disorder

This 8-week program is designed for people experiencing Bipolar who want to understand the illness and learn how to manage it more effectively.

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Communicating Confidently

This program provides an understanding of different communication styles and their impact, helps attendees to practice assertiveness and conflict resolution skills.

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Creative Art

This group program uses the creative aspects of art as a way of improving mental and emotional wellbeing. No artistic talent is required to join this group.

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Creative Writing

This group program uses creative writing exercises, both individual and collaborative. to help express and process emotions in a therapeutic way. No previous writing experience is necessary, and the focus is on the process rather than the outcome.

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based group program designed to assist people struggling with overwhelming emotions.

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Living Well Staying Well

A flexible, responsive and supportive group environment for participants to share their experiences with mental health, recovery and managing their wellbeing as their mental health needs change.

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Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

Begins in April 2021

A 6-week program designed to bring the practice of mindful awareness to individuals who have experienced an addiction. The focus is on learning how to respond in useful ways rather than react in a habitual harmful manner.

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Mind Your Mind

This group program focuses on learning new strategies and developing skills to assist in managing anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

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Mood Management

This 6-week group program is designed for people experiencing a mood disorder. It focuses on education and practical strategies to help people manage symptoms
of depression and improve wellbeing.

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M.O.V.E with Pain

This 8 week program is designed to support people who experience persistent pain, and want to learn to live well with pain.

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Think Feel Act

This 5-week course provides techniques on how to manage unhelpful thoughts that affect feelings and behaviours. Think Feel Act is applicable to a wide range of mental health conditions and is particularly suitable for improving depression and anxiety.

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Thrive Women’s Group

A weekly program designed for women who face challenges in relation to health and emotional issues that occur in the midlife. Participants will learn from each other as well as from professionals on a range of gender-related topics. The session includes an exercise and relaxation component.

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Wise and Well

Wise and Well is a group program designed for the over 60s with a focus on how to engage fully in life as you age. The group provides a place to share experiences, gain support and knowledge, learn skills to cope better and develop a social network.

This program is flexible in nature and can be joined at any time. Come for a minimum of 3 hours on any day or stay longer.

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Young at Heart

Young at Heart is an ongoing group program for clients over the age of 60 years which focuses on improving mental and physical wellbeing. The program is  facilitated by a clinical psychologist and includes guest speakers and music, art/craft, exercise and self-care sessions.

This program is flexible in nature and can be joined at any time.

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If you have private health insurance (PHI), most funds will cover the cost of the course or program. If you do not have PHI, we can provide you with a fee structure. A GP referral is required if you have PHI.