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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

Mind Hub Programs – April Update

We hope you are all coping as best you can in these difficult times. Socially isolating is usually one of the things we strongly encourage you to avoid as we know how this can affect mood and mental health. However, at the moment we all need to abide by this.

Many of you are used to attending a regular group to continue your recovery through learning skills and by connecting with others who are on a similar journey to yourself.

We are pleased to say we are now able to offer some groups on-line in a similar format to what you experienced before but from the comfort of your own home!  This will be a different experience but we don’t think it will take long to adjust to a different format of learning and connecting.

For those not able to join a group, and not under the care of an allied health professional for individual counselling support, we are able to provide individual support by phone or through telehealth. This will be funded under your private health cover.

If you are a current or previous client of the Hobart Clinic and would like to access these services, please complete an online survey here

We look forward to continuing to support you through this challenging time.  Please contact us if you would like more information or support.

Mind Hub Programs – March Update

The Hobart Clinic has decided to cancel all Day Programs from today (25 March 2020) until further notice. We want to reduce the risk of  any of our clients or staff becoming infected with COVID-19 so we are minimising all group contacts so this can be avoided. We hope to offer some of our groups by telehealth in the near future so will notify clients when this is available.

If you are in need of support at this difficult time  please talk to your doctor or program staff.

For emergencies contact the Mental Health Helpline on 1800 332 388.

Improve your wellbeing today. Make a decision to look after your mental health and get involved in one of our short courses or therapy groups. Joining one of our courses can help you develop techniques to manage stress, reduce reliance on alcohol and other drugs and improve your overall wellbeing.

The Hobart Clinic – Mind Hub is an accredited not-for-profit organisation. There are a number of Mind Hub courses & programs to choose from, delivered by trained and qualified staff, to support you in achieving better mental health and improved wellbeing.

Courses include evening groups through to 5-10 week more intensive programs, as well as ongoing recovery support.


If you have private health insurance (PHI), most funds will cover the cost of the course or program. If you do not have PHI, we can provide you with a fee structure. A GP referral is required if you have PHI.