Older Persons Mental Health


  • Withdrawing from family and friends;
  • Confusion, worry or agitation;
  • Difficulty in getting motivated;
  • Behaviour out of character;
  • Moodiness or irritability;
  • Sadness;
  • Negative comments/thoughts;
  • Loss or change in appetite;
  • Loss of self esteem;
  • Change in sleeping patterns.

Depression and anxiety often goes unrecognised in older people.

Older people are less likely to talk about their mental health.

Individual Consultations

Our Doctors and Psychologists offer individual support and treatment. See here for more information.

Recovery Groups

Some older people with depression or anxiety may not require a hospital stay. Mind Hub Courses & Programs can be a good alternative.

The person may be able to participate in a group therapy program whilst continuing to live at home. The programs aim to provide support to maintain good physical and mental health.

Clinic Care

The Hobart Clinic offers specialist assessment and treatment in our 8 bed unit that has been purpose built for older adults.

The team is led by an old age psychiatrist and geriatrician and they utilise a combination of medication along with individual and group therapy.

The group therapy program focuses on good physical and mental health, managing stress and improving self-esteem. Art therapy, exercise classes and relaxation sessions are available.

Post Clinic Care

Post clinic care provides support and reduces social isolation. Mind Hub Courses & Programs are conducted at both the eastern shore and city centre clinics. They focus on understanding depression and anxiety and developing new ways of coping.